Rental Fleet

Thermopower is unique in our ability to offer, for rental purposes, a full range of multifunctional units. The uniqueness of this service has ensured that our multi-million rand rental fleet is an extremely popular alternative for short and medium term projects.

In industries such as ours and particularly in the mining industry, clients will often have a material that needs beneficiation or processing, but the major capital expense does not make the short term project economically viable. This service allows the client the opportunity to proceed with the project and return the unit or units to Thermopower following completion. Projects can be completed and the capital outlay that would have been necessary never forms part of the equation.

Our rental fleet is made up of a wide variety of furnaces. The popular units in the rental fleet being the Large Rotaries, Top Hats, Chamber units and Belt furnaces. In striving for customer satisfaction we will also modify current units to suit our clients specialized needs.

Further to this the R&D section has a wide variety of kilns and furnaces at its disposal, and these units could be entered into the fleet if the necessity arises.