Carbon Technologies


Thermopower Furnaces has in the last 15 years designed and developed technologies focussed on the mineral beneficiation of carbonaceous materials. Our experience spans direct resistance drying, pyrolysis, devolatilization and activated carbons in various kiln technologies.

Carbon Technologies

Thermopower Furnaces’ carbon technologies strive to harness the available energy from the carbonaceous sources which often yields an autogenous heating process free of external energy inputs. Gas abatement systems for particulate removal as well as thermal oxidizers for the complete combustion of hydrocarbons often accompany carbon technologies solutions where pyrolysis and condensation are not required. 

Carbon Technology Specifications

  • Carbonaceous Feed Material 
  • Drying/Pyrolysis/Calcining/Activated Carbon
  • Heating/Energy Source Available
  • High Temperature Ducting required
  • Material Handling Systems (Screw Conveyors, Vibratory Feeders, Belt Conveyors etc.)
  • Required Gas Abatement (High Temperature Cyclones,  Baghouses, ESPs etc.)
  • Thermal Oxidizers for complete combustion of Hydrocarbons


  • Free moisture drying
  • Waste management plants
  • Devolatilization and production of metallurgical reductants
  • Activated Carbon production