Material Handling Systems


Thermopower Furnaces offers engineered material handling systems to integrate with its thermal processing technologies. Our designs are robust, reliable and flexible to accommodate process requirements and our customers’ needs.

Material Handling Systems

Our material handling systems cover wet and dry throughputs from 1kg/hr to 20 0000 kg/hr, particle sizes from fine powders to lumpy solids and temperatures from ambient to 1000C.  Material handling systems can incorporate thermal processes of either active or passive heating and cooling as well as controlled atmospheres if required. Materials of construction include wear resistant materials, temperature resistant materials and ceramic and polymer coatings for corrosion protection.

Material Handling Technologies Specifications

  • Feed Screws (Controlled atmospheres, active or passive heating or cooling)
  • Screw Conveyors (Controlled atmospheres, active or passive heating or cooling, inclined)
  • Rotary Valves (High Temperature, Insulated)
  • Belt Conveyors (Flat, inclined, webbed)


  • Raw material handling
  • Plant feeding systems
  • Product cooling and transferring