Research & Development Test Facility


Thermopower Furnaces has a dedicated Research and Development Test Facility on site which includes 600 square meters of factory space, 3 large offices, a storeroom, a boardroom and a laboratory.


This facility is often occupied by our customers’ project team to carry out extensive test campaigns and novel process development. Thermopower Furnaces’ experience and knowledge in mineral beneficiation augments the R&D service allowing our customers to benefit from rapid process development. With our manufacturing facility next door, Thermopower Furnaces is able to offer bespoke equipment development and fabrication for cost effective solutions with quick turn around times. 


This unique service coupled with our experience and products, offers tremendous value to our clients when partnering with Thermopower Furnaces for research and development. 


Customers who have enjoyed utilizing the R&D Facility include the major mining houses, parastatal scientific and research facilities as well as private ventures in the mineral processing sector.