Ladle & Launder Heaters


Ladle and launder heaters are essential to foundries and casting operations. Such heaters are extremely flexible in design as a result of interfacing with various  shapes and sizes of ladles and launders found in industry. Ladle and Launder Heaters  serve their purpose in the drying and curing of  refractory linings associated with the repairs and maintenance of casting equipment as well as with the pre-heating of ladles and launders prior to being charged with molten metals to minimize metal freezing and the loss of heat to the equipment linings.

Ladle & Launder Heaters

Ladle and Launder Heaters are extremely configurable with heating arrangements that include electricity, gas and oil fired systems. Convection (Low Temp <700C) and Radiation (>700C) are typical mechanisms of heat transfers implemented in these heaters. Thermopower’s lightweight insulation technology allows for rapid heating and cooling of its heaters with minimal losses to the surroundings. Thermopower’s robust and reliable heaters have been deployed into harsh working environments serving the industry for over 50 years.

Ladle and Launder Specifications

  • Electrically Heated, Gas Heated, Oil Heated
  • Design flexibility to accommodate the ladle and launder shape and size
  • Wide temperature ranges possible from 100-1500 Degrees Celsius
  • Optional Overhead Hoist System available


  • Refractory Drying
  • Refractory Curing
  • Pre-heating prior to metal charging