Specialised Kilns and Furnaces


Thermopower Furnaces has designed and developed a wide range of specialised furnaces and kilns that go beyond the normal scope of standard furnace designs. Specialised kilns are a passion of Thermopower Furnaces and we pride ourselves on unique, one of a kind designs that satisfy all our customers’ needs. 

Specialised Kilns and Furnaces

Specialised kilns and furnaces may be unique in their design due to various features such as exotic materials of construction, ultra high operating temperatures, restricted geometries, rare refractories and specialised instrumentation and control. Please call us to discuss a solution to your specialised thermal processing requirements.

Specialised Kilns and Furnaces Specifications

  • Kiln Style: Chamber/Rotary/Assay/Muffle/Retort/Convection/Belt
  • Single phase or 3 phase electrically heated
  • Optional instrumentation as required
  • Specialised gas atmospheres
  • Wide temperature ranges possible from 100-1700 Degrees Celsius


  • Mineral processing laboratories
  • Scientific and research institutions
  • Tertiary education institutions
  • Quality control facilities