Chamber Ovens


Thermopower Furnaces offers a comprehensive range of electrically heated chamber ovens from low temperature drying ovens to ultra-high temperature ceramic kilns. As a result of its long history in firing ceramics, Thermopower Furnaces has a wealth of experience and knowledge on chamber oven design and manufacturing. 

Convection Chamber Ovens

Convection Ovens offer the client a homogenous heating chamber with very little temperature variation across the oven and load. Convection ovens also have excellent heat transfer properties due to the high convection heat transfer coefficient. Convection Ovens typically operate at lower temperatures up to 650C. Convection Ovens are well suited to low temperature heat treatments and curing processes of coated workpieces. 

Radiation Chamber Ovens

Our radiation chamber ovens are high temperature ovens operating from 700C up to 1250C. At these elevated temperatures heat transfer by radiation is extremely efficient. These ovens are core to foundries and steel tool manufacturers for carrying out heat treatment processes of hardening, normalizing, tempering and carburizing. Thermopower Furnaces Radiation Chamber Ovens are notorious for their service to the ceramic and pottery industry of South Africa (hence our premises located in Clayville). Radiation Chamber Ovens are available in a large range of sizes and configurable to individual clients’ needs. 

Muffle/Assay Furnaces

Muffle or Assay Furnaces are another form of Thermopower Furnaces’ chamber ovens where the heating system is isolated from the working chamber which is typically subject to an aggressive or corrosive environment. A thermally conductive refractory serves as the protective barrier or working chamber for carrying out batch firings. Muffle Furnaces are common to specialised laboratories and precious metal refineries. 

Ultra-High Temperature Chamber Ovens

Thermopower Furnaces can supply ultra-high temperature ovens capable of temperatures from 1300C up to 1700C. These ovens are very specialised and are typically required for unique ceramic processes. These ovens are also available with controlled atmospheres.

Chamber Oven Specifications 

  • Convection, Radiation, Muffle or Ultra-high Temperature Ovens.
  • Controlled atmospheres (Oxidizing, Reducing, Inert?)
  • Kiln furniture and customized chambers available.
  • Sizes available from laboratory scale to large industrial units. 
  • PID Setpoint or Ramp/Soak Temperature Controllers. 
  • Standalone Local Control or Remote Control Interfacing with a PLC.