Laboratory Kilns


Thermopower Furnaces has designed and developed a wide range of laboratory kilns/ovens over the last 35 years catering to unique customer specifications or in compliance with ISO standards for certified testing procedures. 

Laboratory Kilns

Our laboratory kilns have scaled typical furnaces types such as rotary kilns, chamber units, convection ovens and the likes. We do not limit ourselves to typical designs and will custom develop a solution to meet any customer inquiry. Our lab units have been extensively used by large research and development companies such as Mintek, Denel and the CSIR as well as within tertiary institutions around the country. 

Laboratory Kiln Specifications

  • Kiln Style: Chamber/Rotary/Assay/Muffle/Retort/Convection
  • Single phase or 3 phase electrically heated
  • Optional instrumentation as required
  • Specialised atmospheres
  • Wide temperature ranges possible from 100-1700 Degrees Celsius


  • Mineral processing laboratories
  • Scientific and research institutions
  • Tertiary education institutions
  • Quality control facilities