Non-Ferrous Melting Furnaces


Thermopower Furnaces offers a comprehensive range of non-ferrous crucible melting furnaces, melting elements from aluminium to zinc. Our melting furnaces utilize Morgan Advanced Materials crucibles complementing a flexible design philosophy to offer clients a wide range of capacities and temperatures with spares available from a local supplier. Our melting furnaces range from small bench top units for hobbyists or jewellery makers to 2 Ton units for foundries at temperatures from 850C to 1500C. Electrically heated units offer optimal energy efficiency and a pure melt quality with very accurate temperature control over the process when compared to gas fired or induction heated melting furnaces. Thermopower’s unique insulation systems ensures minimal heat losses and its robust and reliable design offers customers low operating costs or their melting operations.

Bale-Out Melting Furnaces

Bale-out melting furnaces are static furnaces whereby the molten metal is “baled” out of the furnace and typically poured into an alloying furnace. Bale-out furnaces are commonly found  in small and specialised foundries as holding units for metal alloying processes. High melt rates are typically achieved due to the thermal energy storage in the molten bath when charging the furnace with a new load. 

Tilting Melting Furnaces

Tilting Furnaces rotate about the spout which allows the client to pour the molten metal into the holding furnace or mould. Small melting furnaces can be rotated by hand while larger melting furnaces use power actuators (hydraulic or synchronized electric screw jacks) for pouring.

Non-Ferrous Melting Furnace Specifications

  • Bale-out or Tilting Melting Furnace
  • Electrically heated (Single Phase or Three Phase Power options available) or Gas/Oil Fired
  • Clay Graphite or Sili-Carbide Crucible subject to melting material
  • Capacities from 0.5kg to 2000 kg (Based on Brass)
  • Standard Melting Temperatures up to 1200C or specialised high temperature melting furnaces up to 1500C.
  • Hydraulically actuated or electric screw jack actuated tilting system
  • Stand alone furnace control or remote furnace control via PLC
  • Spare Moulds and mould stands on request
  • Special refractory linings available for corrosive/aggressive materials


  • Hobbyists.
  • Jewellery Makers
  • Non-ferrous foundry castings
  • Non-ferrous alloying foundries