Gas Handling


Thermopower Furnaces in conjunction with the development of its kilns and furnaces, expanded into the ancillary equipment associated with thermal technologies  for an augmented product offering on complete thermal processing.

Gas Handling Technologies

Our gas handling products include scrubbers, quench venturis, baghouses, cyclones, air heaters, thermal oxidizers and lightweight high temperature ducting. The gas handling system is specifically designed for each thermal process accounting for mass and energy balances as well as resistance to corrosive environments and elevated temperatures.

Gas Handling Technologies Specifications

  • Acid/Alkali gas scrubbing 
  • VOC complete combustion
  • Particulate separation
  • Special particulate separation – Lagged baghouses & high temperature cyclones.
  • Low thermal mass, light weight, high temperature ducting.
  • Custom designed gas analysis probes


  • Mineral beneficiation
  • Pyrolysis
  • Rotary kiln drying, calcining and roasting
  • Emissions Monitoring