Mineral Processing and Benefication

Mineral Processing and Benefication

Thermopower Furnaces is a specialist in Mineral Processing and Mineral Beneficiation. After years of technological development and experience in the minerals industry, Thermopower Furnaces as accumulated a vast knowledge on the behaviour of a wide range of mineral ores at elevated temperatures in conjunction with special atmospheres and product handling methods.

We are always enthusiastic about researching and developing new ideas with our customers and growing concepts into full scale processes. Our rental fleet of thermal equipment allows for quick process learning as well as reduced capital costs into process development. At Thermopower Furnaces we have the capacity to not only develop processes for the beneficiation of minerals but we also have the facilities to operate processes on the premises.

Please contact our offices if you have any mineral processing requirements.

Our previous projects include:

  • Extraction of precious metals from ores (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Titanium, Aluminium, Lead, Zinc, Tin, PGMs, Iron, Dolomite, Copper and many more)
  • High grade charring and Coke Replacement Processes
  • Iron production from Fines stockpiles
  • Activated Carbon production
  • Cobalt compound processing
  • Production of pure Zinc Powder and Zinc Oxide for the painting industry
  • Secondary production of Aluminium, Iron and Tin
  • Nitride Bonding
  • Reducing, Calcining, Oxidizing, Roasting, Heating, Drying, Pyrolizing, Condensing of mineral products