Waste Recovery

Waste Recovery

A special service offered by Thermopower Furnaces is to recover the inherent value of precious minerals often considered lost to waste streams as a by-product of a primary process or stockpiled due to process handling difficulties. With a vast resource of skills and knowledge in the material sciences, thermal equipment, chemistry, gas handling systems, material handling and thermal processing – Thermopower Furnaces is well equipped to convert “one man’s rubbish into another man’s gold”.

At Thermopower Furnaces we are able to prototype recovery processes with our available rental fleet equipment and develop the process to full scale with minimal lead time. Thermopower Furnaces also has the facilities to toll fire on the premises at your convenience.

If you would like to investigate the possibility of recovering value out of a waste stream or your stockpile, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our previous projects include:

  • Recovery of Platinum from solvent waste streams in the refining process
  • Mercury Recovery from Mercuric Chloride Catalyst waste
  • Industrial Diamond Dust Recovery from binding agents
  • Commercial Wax Recovery from Wax Refinery Processes